Changes to MCS

Changes to MCS and heating systems in September 2015

In September 2015 there are two major changes to the MCS and the heating industry. The first is the introduction of energy labelling on all heating products and systems called the ERP regulation. This means that every boiler and heat pump will come with an energy label making it easy for consumers to compare systems at the point of purchase. The installer will also need to produce an energy label for the whole system and leave it with the end user.

The second change is the new MCS standard MIS3005 v4.3 introducing a new way to work out the system efficiency and run costs. All heat pumps will now need to be tested across a range of conditions to work out a realistic seasonal efficiency which can be used to determine how much it will cost to run. The new measure is called SCOP or seasonal Coefficient of performance, the whole Samsung range has been tested and will be among the first units with SCOP figures featuring on the MCS database.

Since the introduction of the MCS heat load rules in 2014 engineers have struggled with the ever increasing amount of paperwork to meet the MCS standards. Freedom Hp have always been ahead of the legislation offering simple to use tools to minimise the amount of work the engineers need to do. 

Our all new MCS heat load app now allows mcs installers to complete a heat loss using a mobile phone, tablet or online. Once the building details have been inputted the app will automatically send you:

Heat pump selection, 

Run cost simulations using the new SCOP figures

Radiator sizing 

MCS performance estimate including payback periods 

MIS020 sound test for planning permission

MCS compliance form 

ERP label

All automatically filled in with your logos attached. The app is free and beta testing starts next week.  To join our test please sign up here adding the word Beta in the message box. 

For technical information please call Freedom heat pumps 02380 274833.